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Ok... I forgot about Itch.io until a few moments ago. And I realized that I haven't touched this page in a month.. And I apologies for this. The last version I posted here for Poor Mans FPS was version 2.0.0, and the soon to be latest build, 2.0.3, is about to be released. I have been doing some testing with people I know and have been working on the game a lot. I am kind of proud of the progress I have made in the past month, but the game is far from completion. Hopefully I remember to upload the new version here as soon as I think it is complete, but here is the change logs for the last month so far.

Changelog 2.0.1 - This changelog was combined with 2.0.2 because of it being worked on mid December, meaning my testers couldn't test the build until the beginning of January. With 2.0.2 being released a few days before January.

Changelog 2.0.2
    Welcome to 2018 everyone! And with 2018 comes a new version of Poor Mans FPS. This update includes some fixes, improved weapons, and more. Read on for more info.

    -Added Change Log.
    -New Weapon Missile Launcher, a great weapon for cleaning a area of players.
    -New Weapon Pulse Pistols, a great weapon to use when your on the move.
    -New Weapon Shotgun, a great weapon for use at close range.
    -Added a new model for the pistol and sniper, other guns are getting new models at some point aswell!
    -Began implementation of classes or "heroes". Each one has their own weapon, speed, jump height, and health. With probably more options coming soon.
    -Added new map: Plains. This map is more of a outdoor scene, but more or less is a variation of the "Original" map.
    -All weapons converted to projectile based weapons.
    -Added the ability to specify player limit on a custom game.

    -Complete redo of most ui, the old UI needed to be redone because of the change in resolution, button animations, and adding in new features.
    -Gave start menu a new background that will probably be changed in the future. It is currently the map "Plains".
    -Changed lighting for all maps.
    -Game UI is now made to work best when running a resolution of 1920x1080.

    -Removed ability to switch between the different weapon types. This was done because classes now will have 1 base gun, with possible abilities in the future. Also the code was beginning to show age as it wasn't able to support the way classes add their weapons.
    -Removed weapon ammo storage, this makes it so weapons can be reloaded infinitely.

    -Shooting allies should no longer be a thing.
    -Bullets should now hit more reliably.
    -You can no longer hit your own bullets, or other bullets, with bullets.

Changelog 2.0.3
    Ahh, got to love updates. It is about time! Hmm, what do we got this time.

    -Characters now can be distinguished by their looks.
    -Characters have began to generate their own stories. Jennet Burchwood aka Time Master, got a little too close to a black hole which made her molecules break space time itself. This allows her to manipulate time and matter.
    -New weapon: Hammer. The hammer is a great way to get enemies that are close to low health quickly with a good swing.
    -New weapon: Healing Beam. Although contrary to the name, it isn't a beam, but a fast traveling bullet. The weapon is a great way to keep the tank alive while the higher damage classes take shots.
    -Tank class now has a hammer.
    -New class: Medic. This class is intended to aid in keeping players alive.

    -(Kind of new) Readded different redicals and weapon images. This feature was removed during 2.0.2 accidently. The system it used to switch redicals and images never changed after being initially set.
    -Began to implement abilities, one is Time Master's rewind. This allows her to travel back through time. This affects her health and location.

    -You are always on blue team now. With your enemies always on red.
    -Your character name now has a outline instead of a background so it doesn't take as much space.
    -Your character name now displays your team color instead of your character.
    -Character speed was reduced for all characters. Average  travel speed is 6-8
meters per second.

    -Weapon zooming has been removed for the moment. The sniper will get their own scope soon, that should be something to look forward to.
    -Regen overtime has been removed. The exception is the medic class which has a passive regen.
    -Removed class TF2 Scout.

    -Fixed a bug which caused the custom game menu to not display the text in the fields.

Known Issues:
    Characters feel slow.

Although 2.0.3 isn't finalize, you get the idea of the update. I am hoping to get all characters a unique ability before the week is done, but as I am sick at the moment, work has slowed on the game slightly. Again, I am sorry for leaving Itch.io for such a long time. And it was a bad time to leave, as I believe the version I left on here was in fact a version with broken bullets. I hope you enjoy the new version that should be live right after this. Enjoy :)

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