Fixes, changes, and questions.

This is something that I think I really need to say, because the people that play the game need to know these things. So, what exactly is happening?

Fixes - Although you won't see these fixes for a day or two, they will happen soon enough.

-Fixed how you could kill your own team mates as a medic.

-Fixed how when you shot at a shield with a explosive, it would not damage the shield.

Changes - Same as above, you won't see these changes for a day or two.

-The servers behind Poor Mans FPS is changing, but it is a bit experimental. So in game there will be a option to select which server best works for you. Hopefully all goes well and most people shouldn't have to use the current servers we use.

This may be updated, but is the general stuff that is happening right now. Let me know if you find any bugs or want to suggest any new features! I am completely open to look into adding new things!

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