So, updates?

I am going to be quite honest, I haven't worked on Poor Mans FPS in a month. But, I do have some things to say that are changing since my last post.

So, new server? Umm, not really. The connection that the server was going to be hosted off of was not going to be sufficient for more than a few players on it. So that idea was thrown out shortly after I posted that. The only real way this will affect you, is that the servers will not be in charge of simulation of the game or anything like that. Sorry, hackers might become a problem in the future, but hopefully I will find a solution soon.

Next, bug fixes?  As I am finding them, I have been squashing them. Let me know and it will be fixed!

New Features? YES! The only real new feature at the moment though is health packs. They are not going to be too special at the moment, but they are health packs. They have some small amounts of animation to point out that they are something you should run over.

Plans? There are currently no plans for the game. If you want what I currently want to work on, here is some stuff.

New Maps - Going to touch up the old maps and then work on a new map.

New Characters - Because diversity.

Improvements of UI and overall looks - I know, it sucks at the moment. I am not a artist or a 3D modeler, so it may be a while.

And anything I think of along the way.

Hope you guys like the info I gave you. New update within 2 months, no content promises, but there will be a update.

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